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First of all, we are here to help your company succeed! At AXXE, we are pretty pragmatic about “roles and responsibilities” as long as the job gets done. There are many different ways in which we can work efficiently together. Of course, we have a preferred blueprint, but it has to be adjusted according to your needs and expectations. For the sake of trying to provide a bit of structure, here are some of the things that we can do for you!

Design for … ? DFM, DFAA, DFQ, DFMA and DTC are just a few of the abbreviations that you probably have come across. In AXXE, we usually use “DfX” where the “X” refers to both “Excellence” AND your choice of focus. It could be cost, lead time, recyclability or something else. DfX is an integral part of the overall design process – too often receiving insufficient attention (and funding). AXXE has experienced staff that will be an asset in any design process, making sure that the final product is ready for manufacturing. Should we happen to drift outside our comfort zone, we have a network of highly competent specialists to call upon.

The process of “New Product Introduction” is a natural progression from DfX, however much more action-oriented. This is when we get our hands dirty: Finalize documentation, fine tune process flow, implement traceability requirements, build test systems, establish a quality plan and chose sub-suppliers – among other things. NPI can only be concluded when all the inputs of manufacturing have been verified and tested, normally in parallel with making prototypes. AXXE will set up a highly experienced cross-functional team to make sure all aspects of introducing a new product are handled effectively and efficiently – well documented and in a transparent manner.

The PCBA is obviously the core of any electronic product. The sense of anticipation and expectations during the prototype phase is palpable: So many hours invested, and finally about to see some results! AXXE has all the necessary expertise and top of the line equipment to “materialize” your design, no matter size of PCB and components, IPC class, soldering methods, traceability requirements, inspection method, PCB technology or the need for protective coating. All of these beautiful machines are also surprisingly flexible, making us equally able to serve you whether the need is 10 or 10 000 PCBAs. Having a hard time picturing the amazing process of PCB assembly. Let us know, and we will invite you to Halden so you can see with your own eyes!

Box build takes many shapes and forms. Most commonly done to protecting electronics from the operating environment, but there are also other purposes. We can provide manual and automated process for the assembly of enclosures, cables and batteries, as well as the dispensing of potting material and adhesives. The same goes for marking and labelling. Every process is monitored and traced through “electronic work instructions”. AXXE has extensive experience from a wide variety of solutions and applications and can provide valuable input to a part of the manufacturing process that might be the most decisive one when it comes to quality and cost. Again, we can deliver the required volumes, whether it be 10 or 10 000 units.

Proper testing is the final operation in the strenous quest for the requiredlevel of quality. We firmly believe that testing needs to be done both for PCBAs and finished product. At AXXE, we can assist you with the development, implementation and optimization of test (and programming) solutions best suited for your application – at the lowest possible cost. We also have comprehensive systems for collection, registration and storing. Hence, we can offer relevant statistics and reports. If you have anyquestions, whether it be GPS testing or temperature cycling, do not hesitate to contact us and we will set you up with one of our testengineers.

Everyone supplying «hardware» has to deal with the great puzzle ofLOGISTICS: Trying to make sure that the customer receives the correctproduct at the anticipated date. No matter where the customer is locatedand any (un)likely barries to a speedy delivery. Not to mention safetystock, repairs, upgrades, battery replacements and the like. We haveperformed «logistical services» for many decades, all over the world. Our systems, competence, experience and supplier base will allow you to minimize internal resources, lead time and working capital.